Telemann, Bach and in between

Between the Bach family and G.P. Telemann there were close ties. Telemann was even the godfather of C.P.E. Bach. When Telemann died C.P.E Bach took over his job in Hamburg. Like Telemann this second son of Bach was a keen business man, publishing and selling his own works. … More Telemann, Bach and in between

J.S. and C.P.E. Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is considered to be the inventor of the violin sonata with obbligato keyboard. Bach’s second son Carl Philipp Emanuel took up his father’s idea and composed many sonatas in this particular setting. In this program the best of both composers’ chamber music will be played. … More J.S. and C.P.E. Bach

Een opmaat tot Beethoven

Beethoven is unquestionably a unique talent, but it is inconceivable that his music could have existed without the music of Mozart and C.P.E. Bach that came before it. This programme gives some beautiful examples of works that, in all probability, Beethoven knew and were vital for the development of his own boisterous style. … More Een opmaat tot Beethoven

Mozart and his contemporaries

Although Mozart was usually quite critical towards other composers there were some a lucky few he valued. C.P.E Bach, but especially Benda were amongst them. Although we don’t know Mozart’s opinion of Boccherini, the Italian composer who made his home at the Spanish court in Madrid, he was surely a genial but rather underestimated contemporary of Mozart … More Mozart and his contemporaries