Mozart Sonata for violin and pianoforte in G major, K.379

Allegro [5:28]
Andantino [9:54]

CPE Bach Recording

In July 2016 we recorded the complete sonatas for violin and keyboard by C.P.E. Bach. Here is a short impression of the recording. It is from the beginning of the sonata in B minor

The sound in the video is taken from the camera itself, so please don’t be shocked by the rough quality. We hope you’ll agree that, despite the sound, it’s exciting stuff! The recording will be released in 2017 on Resonus Classics.

JS Bach Sonata for violin and harpsichord BWV 1019

I. Allegro 0’00
II. Largo 3’52
III. Allegro 5’46
IV. Adagio 11’10
V. Allegro 14’04